Women We Love: Mia Morozova

The Moscow-born, New York-based model tells us more about how she went into modeling and what she finds attractive in a man.

BY editors | May 31, 2017 | Women We Love

All images by Matt Pluz

ESQUIRE: How did you start modeling?
MIA MOROZOVA: The story began when my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with a girl who worked as a model. After I saw her, I realised that I can be a model as well, and that I can do better. Then, I found a photographer who started my portfolio, and soon, I got to work with some magazines and for some famous Russian brands. 

ESQ: Why did you move to New York?
MM: I was invited by an agency to work in New York. I think New York is filled with opportunities for talented people who want to improve their communities, and are free to express themselves, so I have now joined this crazy rhythm of the great city. 

ESQ: Which cities are your favourite in the world?
MM: Moscow, Miami and New York. I like theaters; my favorite shows to go are to the opera and the ballet. Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow is the best. In Miami, I like to walk on Ocean Drive. The best sunsets I’ve seen in my life are the ones in Miami.

ESQ: Living in two different countries, what do you think Americans can learn from Russians, and what can Russians learn from Americans?
MM: I think people from different countries are still people and people are the same. Same feelings, same behaviors, same but the difference is the language that they speak.  

ESQ: What do you think makes a woman beautiful?
MM: In my opinion, what makes a woman beautiful is having beauty both inside and out. Inner beauty is so important. Personality is the key to success. Some skills which I think are important to work on are passion, compassion, a fun-loving spirit, resilience, confidence and energy. When a woman follows her passion, shows compassion, pursues her intellect, keeps a sense of adventure, refuses to give up, and believes herself to be worthy, then her energy will be the spark that lights up everyone and everything around her.

ESQ: What do you think makes a man attractive?
MM: When the promises he gives, he does. I can say: strength, tenderness and authenticity combined, are the three traits that makes a man the most attractive. I think for a woman, it's great to feel safe with a man who maintains high standards for living and loving. Needless to say, disingenuous behavior such as lying, cheating, or breaking promises will ultimately destroy any relationship. Treat your woman as a one and only woman in the world, as a queen and you’ll receive much more back.