Six Words: Rita Madozino

We play the six words game with the beautiful pre-med student and model Rita Madozino.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Oct 30, 2016 | Women We Love

Edward Aninaru

Born in Belarus, Rita Alexandra Madozino has lived in many different countries and can speaks five different languages. Now she lives in Los Angeles after moving there four years ago to study medicine. Besides working on a swinsuit line with her sister, Rita is also modelling part time. With a passion for fashion, health care, sports and culinary, she dreams for her swimsuit line to make it big as well as owning a successful chain of medical spa centres to help women enhance their natural image, Rita powers on ahead all the challenges set forth without hesitation. 

ESQUIRE: Tell us something about yourself?
RITA MADOZINO: Love sleeping naked in satin sheets. 

ESQ: Why do you love modelling?
RM: Because it keeps me in shape.

ESQ: Top six favourite food?
RM: Sushi, pizza, burger, fries, seafood, steak.

ESQ: What's your guilty pleasure?
RM: Grand marnier drink with ice cream.

ESQ: The perfect weekend?
RM: Holiday in Aspen when it snows. 

ESQ: Top favourite movies?
RM: Titanic, The mummy, Hangover, The notebook.

ESQ: The perfect guy?
RM: Tall, fit, kind, generous, and honest.

ESQ: The perfect outfit on a guy?
RM: White shirt, beige pants, expensive shoes.

ESQ: Top six cities you’d like to visit?
RM: Singapore, Sydney, Santorini, Vancouver, Kyoto, Belmopan.

ESQ: Top favourite musicians?
RM: Andrea Bocceli, Journey, Bryan Adams, Coldplay.

For more of Rita, find her on Instagram