Emily Ratajkowski walks the streets of New York (with her dog) in her lingerie

Would you do this in Kuala Lumpur?

BY editors | Mar 14, 2017 | News

What’s the best way to walk your dog? According to Emily Ratajkowski, just in your lingerie (but with shoes of course).

In the latest DKNY campaign video, Emily Ratajkowski walks her dog on the streets of New York wearing nothing but boots and svelte black lingerie. Her neighbours stare in awe, while an older lady rolls her eyes to what she has just seen. Also, Jon Kortajarena passes by.



What’s the point of this campaign video?                                                                             

"Finding inspiration in the confidence and attitude of a true New Yorker, our latest Intimates, Sleepwear, and Hosiery campaign features actress and model Emily Ratajkowski," DKNY’s page reads.

OK, if you say so.