Six Words: Ines Trocchia

We play the six words game with sexy Italian model Ines Trocchia.

BY Sim Wie Boon | May 13, 2016 | Feature

Matt Petran

Having graced the pages of Maxim and GQ Italy, the 21-year-old Milan-born beauty Ines Trocchia has also been involved in various campaigns for big names such as Chanel, Alcott, Legea, Kocca, Garda, Giorgia & Johns and Seduction Jeans. We get the low down on what she likes, does for fun and what she's all about. 

ESQUIRE: Tell us something about yourself?
INES TROCCHIA: I'm determined, sincere. Always adventure seeking!

ESQ: What are the common misconceptions people would have about you?
IT: My style makes them think snobbery. 

ESQ: Favourite food and why?
IT: I'm crazy for Mediterranean and sushi!

ESQ: What's your guilty pleasure?
IT: Anything sweet! Licorice, chocolate, cakes, gelato!

ESQ: The perfect weekend?
IT: Lounging by a crystal clear beach.

ESQ: The one thing you wish you did in the past but didn't.
IT: I actually don't have any regrets :)

ESQ: The perfect outfit on a guy.
Anything long as it's 'his' style!

ESQ: Some big turn offs a guy can do in a first date?
IT: The lack of chivalry loses me.

ESQ: What about modeling do you love?
IT: The travelling, learning about new cultures!

ESQ: A few cities that you'd like to visit one day.
IT: Tokyo, Sydney; Taman Negara National Park!