The Last Time: Alice Lee Giannetta

Attorney, fitness enthusiast and model, Alice talks to us about being nervous in front the camera, terrible pick up lines and the last time she had to make an awkward escape.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Aug 25, 2016 | Feature

Stephan B Austin

Born in Taiwan and immigrated to the US when she was 8 years old, Alice Lee Giannetta, 33, now lives and works in New York City as a full time practicing attorney. Aside from her work as an attorney, she's a huge fitness enthusiast who hopes to inspire other women to lead a healthier lifestyle, even whilst juggling a full time career. Alice also models with Wilhelmina New York where she has appeared in various print and commercial advertisements such as Avon, Shiseido, Panasonic, W Hotels and Vanity Fair. Apart from exercising, Alice also loves to travel and try new foods as well as experience different cultures. She also adores Elvis and has recently fell in love with surfing when she was in Hawaii. 

ESQUIRE: When was the last time you were nervous before a shoot or a modeling job?
ALICE LEE GIANETTA: I am usually always a little nervous before all of my modeling jobs. I am a perfectionist and I always want to bring my best to every project. I have been modeling for so many years but I still get the butterflies in my stomach feeling. Being a little nervous is good! Haha. It keeps me more focused.

ESQ: When was the last time you were exceptionally excited for a particular shoot?
ALG: When I was booked for Tweezerman to shoot their campaign this year. I love to represent my Asian heritage and to help show diversity and Asian beauty here in the US. I am very proud to be included and I hope we continue to see more Asian representation and inclusion in the media.

ESQ: When was the last time you embarrassed yourself?
ALG: I am very clumsy and I have a bad habit of walking and texting. I was walking and texting and I walked right into a lamp post and hit my forehead! Don’t walk and text!

ESQ: When was the last time somebody had use a terrible pickup line on you?
ALG: A guy at my gym asked me if he can use my cable machine but there was three other vacant ones right next to mine. He said “I would like to work in with you because I like your form, baby.” Uh..PASS!

ESQ: When was the last time you read something that surprised you?
ALG: I was watching an interview of gymnastic superstar Simone Biles and she said she started learning gymnastics at age 6, which was considered “late.” To me, 6 is so young!  I was so impressed with her hard work and talent, and the dedication that all gymnasts demonstrated for this sport, starting at such an early age. Their discipline inspires me.

ESQ: When was the last time you had to make an escape from an awkward situation?
ALG: When I accidentally walked into the men’s bathroom ! Sorry guys!

ESQ: When was the last time you laughed until your sides hurt?
ALG: Whenever I am around my husband Pat. He is the funniest person I know and can always make me laugh until my sides hurt!

ESQ: When was the last time you bought something completely unnecessary?
ALG: Last week. I bought a “super umbrella” online, which is more like a tent. I wanted to bring it with me to the beach. I thought I can use it to cover myself when I get too hot under the sun. I never used it. It was too big to carry to the beach and I am sure other beach goers wouldn’t appreciate my super umbrella/ tent blocking all their ocean views!

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