Celebrating Hari Raya With Sha'arin Razali Wong & Mr Wong Phui Nam

A time of being together.

BY editors | Jun 22, 2017 | Feature

Photograph by Eric Chow/Blink Studio

ESQUIRE: What do you enjoy most about the festive season?

MR. WONG PHUI NAM: During Raya, when all the children, and grandchildren come together, of course it's a good time to be in – when the family is all back together.
SHA'ARIN RAZALI WONG: Seeing family, friends, people I have not seen for awhile. I enjoy that.

ESQUIRE: What are some of your best memories of Raya when you were growing up?

SRW: The Raya morning, the togetherness of everyone going to the mosque. Of course nowadays, when all the families are with their own family, that doesn't happen anymore. That was fun when I was growing up.

ESQUIRE: Is that something that you miss, and would like to bring back?

SRW: Yes, sometimes when everyone is around, we'll say "OK, let's all go for morning Raya prayers," but it's getting hard to get everyone together. Though everyone meets during the season, it’s hard for everyone to be there together during the traditional Raya morning.

Sha'arin wears a Longines Master Collection (model L26734783) and Mr Wong wears a Longines Conquest classic (model L27854766)


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