Most Wanted: Montblanc Heritage Collection Rouge & Noir Special Edition

Special editions of the original pen is to celebrate Montblanc's 110th anniversary.

BY Leong Wong | Apr 29, 2016 | Feature

Not many can lay claim to being 110-years-old, and for that reason Montblanc made a splash and launched a string of the specialty products – writing instruments, small leather goods and pen accessories. In a series of three posts, we introduce the

First and foremost, their writing instruments once tried you will never want to write with another again. It is that smooth, that fluid and that comfortable, when you held it between your fingers you can feel how well they balanced in your hand as you will realise how much care in details and engineering been put into creating these instruments. You will never feel how precious your hand written note is until you have them in your grasp.

Heritage Collection Rouge & Noir Special Edition

An all-black lacquered resin barrel and cap, accented with a red top and Montblanc ‘white star’ like they did more than a century ago. The cap has a sculpted serpent clip in blackened metal. It comes in red or black.

The Serpent Limited Edition

A very special piece indeed, as they are handmade by the artisan in the Montblanc manufacture, the barrel and the cap of the pen is made from PVD coated titanium in graphite colour entwined with a hand-engraved serpent in white gold with white gold fangs and red ruby eyes.

Imperial Serpent Limited Edition

This precious writing instrument befits a king, the barrel and cap is made is of grey ruthenium and hand-engraved scale and entwined with a serpent in white ruthenium-coated filigree set with diamonds and sapphires.