It's Past, Present And Future With MIDO

There are only a handful of watch brands to reach 100 Years of watchmaking. MIDO invites us to enjoy their past, present and future.

BY Roger Valberg | Jul 27, 2018 | Feature

You can’t ever go home again or so the saying goes. But you can certainly remember it with fondness. It’s a conundrum that many watch brands have with history. On one hand, there is much to love about the past and the yet undiscovered methods of watchmaking. There’s also much to loathe as many brands don’t actually have much of a history. Thus, in many way, it’s tumultuous when a brand reaches its 100th birthday. 

Passing this milestone was Swiss brand MIDO which began life on the eve of the armistice of World War I. That’s 1918 to you Philistines! So throughout the year, you’ll probably see various ads in and around town, announcing a new timepiece commemorating their anniversary. One such launch was held in Taiwan for the new Baroncelli Big Date. What I found quite curious was the actual venue was the Huashan 1914 Creative Park. The curiosity being 1914, the year when World War I began.

For a brand that takes its name from ‘Yo Mido’ or ‘I measure’ in Spanish, this can’t be a complete coincidence. Nevertheless, the whole shindig revolved around the theme of ‘Past, Present, Future’. To keep the theme ticking over, MIDO also launched the Trilogy – a set of three watches that capture the brand’s past, present and probable future. 

Rather than a regional meet and greet, this launch had Franz Linder, the President of MIDO, attending together with Vicky Lee, the Country Manager of the Swatch Group Taiwan, Mark Lan, the Brand Manager of Mido Taiwan and the famous Taiwanese actor/teen idol Joseph Cheng. It was Mr Cheng’s appearance as a friend of brand that set hearts aflutter in the media galleries! I’ll be the first to raise my hand if asked who here knows nothing of Taiwanese pop culture and overseas Chinese pop culture as a whole but apparently, securing him could be seen as securing Justin Timberlake, specifically for the Mandarin speaking markets. 

Such fabulousness would then require a closer look at the Baroncelli Big Date and Trilogy. The elegant model features an automatic movement based on Mido’s Caliber 80 that offers a power reserve of up to 80 hours. In addition to the generous date display and anytime anyplace readability, the watch also follows the classic design of the Baroncelli collection: refined lines and pure design for a timeless watch collection. The two-level date aperture provides a spectacular display and is the hallmark of the Baroncelli Big Date, available in several versions. A unique timepiece at an exceptional price positioning, this new model instantly catches the eye with its exceptionally refined design and subtle details such as the grained dial and double-sided hands.

Next is the Trilogy which is a continuation of the Baroncelli collection. The three models embody different periods of the brand's history as well as its resolutely forward-looking mindset: the years 1918, 2018 and 2118. Based on the Baroncelli model in polished 316L stainless steel, the three watches have a diameter of 38 mm, with a three-piece case that houses a finely decorated Elaboré-grade movement. The Baroncelli 1918’s, 2018’s, and 2118’s petite complication calibre is particularly dear to the brand, as the small seconds were part of its collections from as early as 1934. This embodiment of the timeless elegance of the past is a fitting celebration of Mido’s centenary.