Breitling's Avenger Bandit Is Inspired By An Aircraft Carrier

The Avenger Bandit flies straight to the top of the best-looking pilot watches.

BY leong wong | May 13, 2016 | Feature

In the world of aviation-themed watches, none epitomises the genre more than Breitling. A favourite of pilots everywhere, the brand has rooted itself firmly in that segment since aviation became a professional calling. Over the last few years, their timepieces have been getting bolder and more robust. A recently launched example that flew straight to the top of the best-looking pilot watches list is the Avenger Bandit.

It is inspired by the demanding environment of an aircraft carrier, where extreme concentration and precision timing are required, be it on the deck or in the cockpit of the most powerful flying machines around. The case of the Avenger Bandit is constructed from light but strong titanium, which is definitely an advantage for a pilot, fighter or otherwise, as weight is of the essence, especially when the case measures 45MM from corner to corner.

Readability is enhanced by a dark grey dial with transferred bold aviation-style Arabic numerals coated with luminescent, while the luminous hour and minute hands are in matte grey. In terms of subdials, the continuous seconds is at nine o’clock, the chrono minute counter is at 12 o’clock and the chrono hour at six o’clock. The movement that drives the time is the automatic mechanical Calibre 13, which is water resistant to a depth of 300M. The Avenger Bandit is all a pilot could ever ask for, and even if you’re not one, it’ll still look good on you.