The Grand Ocean Chronograph From Edox Is One For The Seafaring You

The official timekeeper of the Extreme Sailing Series keeps track of time with precision.

BY shermian lim | Mar 30, 2016 | Feature

Sails bristle in the wind as you and your teammates work hand-in-hand to keep your yacht at a speedy momentum. Ocean mist washes over, cooling you off from the blazing midday sun on your back. Out at sea, there are a million distractions, but when you're racing against a few dozen other boats in the Extreme Sailing Series, the world's most challenging regatta series, there's no time for any of that. All you're thinking of is how to get ahead of the packwith precision, and with style.

Safe to say, any of the captains competing in the Extreme Sailing Series would be pleased to wear a watch from Edox, the official timekeeper for the competition. Part of the Edox Grand Ocean Collection, the Edox Grand Ocean Chronograph holds to the standards of technical precision while paying homage to the spirit of seafaring adventure that pushes man and machine to the limit. The Grand Ocean Collection draws on the authoritative personality of professional skippers and their state-of-the-art catamarans for design inspiration, resulting in a sporty and elegant timepiece for the professionals.

We're giving you a chance to win an Edox Grand Ocean Chronographstainless steel casing, blue PVD coated bezel and lugsof your own. All you need to do is register on, answer one question and leave the rest up to random chance. The functionality of the Chronograph might never expire, but your time on this giveaway runs out on April 30, 2016. Click here for more info.