TAG Heuer Entices The Next Generation With Young Ambassadors

The future is in their hands, or at least, on their wrists.

BY Daniel Goh | Feb 20, 2017 | Feature

When industry legend Jean-Claude Biver took over the reins of TAG Heuer, the first thing he did was bring the price bracket of the Swiss watch manufacture back down to more affordable levels. Then over the course of last year we saw him add on ambassadors that speak to the younger generation including the likes of Jeremy Lin, Cara Delevigne, David Guetta and more recently Martin Garrix.

But if you thought EDM and luxury Swiss watches seemed like a bit of a misfit, their latest collaboration with street artist, Alec Monopoly, will shout loud and clear the direction that TAG is heading in.

Alec Monopoly is a graffiti artist that got his moniker from depicting the Monopoly man in different shenanigans in the art that he does. As a nifty bit of trivia for you, the Monopoly man actually has a name and it is, quite fittingly, Rich Uncle Pennybags (could also be a description of Alec after signing the deal with TAG) which Wikipedia describes as “an old man with a moustache in a three-piece suit and top hat.” Neither an old man nor wearing a three-piece suit, Alec does don the iconic top hat when he has his photo taken in addition to an equally iconic red bandanna which he uses to hide his identity. Not quite an ambassador for the brand, Biver has invited the American street artist to be an Art Provocateur for TAG Heuer adding his bold style to the artistry of the brand.

Find out more at the TAG Heuer pop-up booth in KLCC from the 16th to 22nd February 2017.