Santos de Cartier Has A New Look

Thanks to a series of couture bracelets that bring a new allure.

BY EDITORS | Jul 2, 2018 | News

The squared shape has not changed, as well as the symmetrical design. What’s changing in 2018 is the bracelet, the element that in 1904 (the year of the launch) made Santos de Cartier becoming the symbol of modernity.

It was indeed the first male wristwatch of history, conceived by Louis Cartier specifically for his friend Alberto Santos – Dumont, Brazilian aviator, who complained he could not check the time while he was flying: hands must firmly stay on the wheel and could not take the watch from the pocket.

The fist Cartier Santos was launched on the market in 1911 with a leather bracelet and since then it will remain a piece of the Parisian maison’s collection, keeping on innovating through the years.

The steady projection into the future has made Santos de Cartier’s bracelet easily interchangeable for all the new versions. You can switch from alligator to steel, from calfskin to gold with a wave (which is actually patented).