Most Wanted: Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter GMT

Moon on a wrist.

BY LESTARI HAIRUL | Apr 12, 2016 | News

Romain Jerome

How’d you fancy having bits of the moon handy? Going by the lore, there are bits of moon dust mixing with the metals in this watch. Specifically, the alloy of the inertia-blocks that’s balancing the signature X shape of the brand at the back of the case. All moon dust and low oxidation silver, but that’s not the only piece(s) of the moon. 

The watch’s 48mm rounded case is made from steel harvested from the Apollo 11. That’s the one that Neil and Buzz flew up to the moon in. A veritable piece of history right on your wrist and you don’t even have to lug obvious bits around, incorporated as it is into the design that you’ll have to be in the know to know. Or ask. 

An automatic flying tourbillon powers the piece, whilst an additional jumping hour retrograde GMT complication sorts you out for fiddling with timezones, just hit the button at 2 o’clock. A slick piece that’ll wear well in a suit or in chinos, you’d best get it soon. Only 25 released into the world last month don’t want to miss out on another RJ. 

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