Cartier Stages 'The Legendary Thrill' Exhibition in Milan

In conjunction with the launch of Santos de Cartier.

BY IAN LOH | May 24, 2018 | News

To celebrate the new Santos de Cartier collection, Cartier built an impressive and immersive design exhibition with a pop-up structure at the neoclassical Arco della Pace.

The centre piece of the exhibition is re-creation of Alberto Santos Dumont’s biplane 14 Bis. In fact, Louis Cartier was inspired by the vision of Santos Dumont, who, in 1906, flew his biplane 14 Bis over the distance of 60 meters in a park in Paris. Today, Santos Dumont is widely attributed as the founding father of aviation. That ground-breaking take off even earned the man three world records, proving that manned powered flight was possible “for heavier than air machines”. Clearly, both Louis Cartier and Santos Dumont shared the same farsighted spirit of innovation and modernity.

The exhibition explores the theme of exposed technology with a set designed by leading European creative studio Giò Forma. A 60‐meter long transparent gallery (the same distance flown by Santos in his revolutionary 1906 take off) connect two limestone toll booths built at the end of the ‘700s. Between them, an imposing crystal cube of 12 meters will showcase a model of the 14 Bis biplane, reinterpreted with high tech contemporary materials. The whole installation is a living body, animated during day and night by projections, led lights and music, for a spectacular celebration of time, through time and ahead of time.