Bella Hadid Packs A Punch For TAG Heuer

We're not cracking under pressure.

BY Daniel Goh | Feb 21, 2017 | News

TAG Heuer

Victoria Secret Model and Instagram sensation, Bella Hadid, was revealed as the new female face for the brand. First Cara Delevigne and now this bombshell? Kudos to you TAG. More than just a pretty face, Hadid will also be collaborating with the brand on future projects that revolve around one of her favourite hobbies – photography. With more than 10 million followers on social media, Biver explains “Having Bella on the team enables me to reconnect TAG Heuer with the millennials and young generations.”

For a man of 67 the fact that Biver even knows what Instagram is is impressive enough but to use it as a marketing tool, well that’s just some of the many ways the CEO of TAG Heuer surprises. He mentions in the video below that it was his teenage son’s idea to get Bella Hadid as an ambassador (I wonder why…) and he says “I have to listen to him [his son] because if I don’t listen to the young people, then I will become old.”