Heuer Monza Chronograh Wins Award At The ‘Oscars’ Of The Watch World

TAG Heuer celebrates as their tribute watch to Niki Lauda's first world championship title with Ferrari wins the GPHG prize for best revival watch.

BY Daniel Goh | Nov 18, 2016 | News

A while back I wrote about the Heuer Monza Chronograph, raving about the sheer amount of heritage and storytelling beneath its dial. Designed by Jack Heuer, 40 years ago, the watch was a tribute to Niki Lauda’s first world championship title with Ferrari. Jack Heuer was the great grandson of the brand’s founder (clue is in the name I guess) and was a genius when it came to the ways of marketing. Jack was the one to put the Monaco on the wrist of Steve McQueen in Le Mans and Jack was the one to pioneer a partnership with the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team (which lasted from 1971 to 1979).

A meeting between the would be legend Jack Heuer and the already legendary Enzo Ferrari

I digress. The main point of the article is to say: four decades later, the 2016 anniversary version of the Heuer Monza Chronograph has won the Revival Watch Prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève-often considered the Oscars of the watchmaking industry. Throughout the years, the Monza has evolved to a coussin shaped case-much different from the round case of 1976-but is still unmistakable in its design fundamentals. The case is black with a black dial and red accents pepper the watch just as the original did. The black and white lacquered hour and minute hands are re-created just as the original and TAG Heuer even brought back two of the watch’s key features-which were not present on the previous re-issues-the pulsometer and tachymeter scale. The cherry on the cake however for me, comes in the original Heuer logo smack dab, front and centre.

Who better to receive the GPHG prize than the man who designed the first Monza watch, Jack Heuer

A vintage picture of Niki Lauda and Jack Heuer