Getting Fashionably Smart

There are no equals to Fossil Group when it comes to delivering fashionable smartwatches for anyone and everyone

BY Roger Valberg | Nov 5, 2018 | Advertorial

There is a perception that top notch smartwatches are expensive. It isn’t even remotely supposed to be that way but go figure! One of the more exciting companies producing smartwatches is Fossil Group via Diesel, Fossil, Michael Kors and Emporio Armani timepieces. These are smartwatches on the cutting edge of wearable tech. But they are also watches that allow you to keep your fashion sensibility.

Powered by Android Wear by Google, these watches are beginning to have a powerful effect on watch sales. And the reason for that is that you connected as well getting to choose what your watch looks like.

The Diesel On is very much all about sports from the first glance, while the Fossil Q collection of smartwatches is about making your watch work for you. The collection is the most extensive of the smartwatch series in Fossil Group.

Michael Kors Access is perhaps one of the buzzwords from 2017 and it continues to impress in 2018. The outrageous styling that is so Michael Kors but yet so not smartwatch has fashionistas purring. Connectivity minus the geek-feel is something many aspire to but most have failed!

The Emporio Armani Connected is minimalist with neat lines and typical Armani classicism. The technology though is amazing as these pieces come with wireless recharging aside from the regular bag of tricks that most smartwatches can do.

Like the ‘Missing Link’ that reappears every so often in human evolution, wearable technology occasionally becomes all tech and no style. Which makes being connected in this modern world redundant.

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