Classic And Connected

Fossil's tasteful new line of really smart watches Fossil Q for all seasons.

BY editors | Dec 7, 2017 | Advertorial

You could use a sun dial or look up towards the sky and see where the sun’s at. But really, it’s time for you to get yourself a watch. A smart watch. And we mean really, actually smart. Fossil Q has given serious thought to making the smartwatch actually useful, and this includes making it wardrobe-friendly. Fossil designers get that the smartwatch is the new black: it’s the necessary men’s accessory.

We know all about the fitness trackers, idevices and other techy things. The former are slim, black and reasonably discreet, but impractical for the function of telling time at a glance which really, is what a watch is for. And they need to be charged, like, all the time. Ditto for the status-symbol idevice that’s just a bit too bling for your style.

So, the Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch: it’s stealthy and stylish in one breath, and ergonomic and thoughtful, and refreshingly useable. Hybrid? It looks like a watch, just that it is genuinely smart. This means your smartwatch doesn’t have to look like regulation-issue dress code from Silicon Valley. (Like Zuck’s grey t-shirts.)

And did we mention just how useful the Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch is? If there’s one fatal flaw of the existing fitness tracker, it’s that it runs out of battery real fast. When you’re outdoors. Without a charger. The Fossil Q needs no charging for up to six months, depending on usage.

It will also help you cut a personal swath through the city, and get to those crucial meetings on time, thanks to its commute time tracking. Add to this the usual fitness band functions such as activity tracking, sleep tracking, and custom goal-setting, and you already have a contender for this season’s most-excellent gift. Plus: you can take control of your music with it, and take a photo.

It gets more thoughtful: the accompanying Fossil Q App is intuitive to use, being ergonomic and even beautiful in its user experience. It’s friendly and inclusive, being compatible back to Android OS 5.0 and iOS 9.0 upwards.

But let’s say you get the tech thing and want a touchscreen. Fossil Q has thought of you too. Because it’s a more conventional smartwatch with a touchscreen, you have to charge it more often than a hybrid smartwatch, but it comes with the useful luxury of wireless charging. And like the hybrid models, the touchscreen models have customisable straps to optimise wardrobe function (and avoid wardrobe malfunction), besides already looking clean, classical and tasteful. We’re biased, of course, but we’d call that a win!

And this season, Santa keeps on giving: Fossil is offering a personalised engraving service. Thoughtful! Did we mention we’re liking the Fossil Q hybrid smartwatch?

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