Smart Step With Fossil Q Gen 4 Smartwatch

Fossil announces the fourth generation of their Q collection of smartwatches and it is fascinatingly beautiful.

BY editors | Aug 31, 2018 | Advertorial

Blending technology with beauty is never easy. After all, the nerd and the diva are never in the same room. But in the new Fossil Q line, the sync-ology is perfect. A platform base of Wear OS by Google and a Snapdragon Wear processor gives the new smartwatches a technological edge but it is the style interpretation by Fossil that truly set this collection apart from other smartwatches!

Rarely have you seen this sort of functionality in an aesthetically pleasing way. In two watches – Fossil Q Venture HR and Fosil Q Explorist HR, the smartwatch game has been redefined. On the inside, the new devices offer enhancements to every facet of the day, with hardware including Heart-Rate Tracking, Untethered GPS and Swim proof Functionality. So yes, this is a watch that stays with you throughout the day and keeps your data for a healthy lifestyle! And thanks to optimized charge time, users can now charge their device within an hour to last all day.

All this is intimate to the user but what the world sees though, is what’s on your wrist. Here’s the unenviable task of choosing; you can make this smartwatch all about you from strap to dial! The stainless-steel cases for the Venture are 40mm while the Explorist rounds out at 45mm. Once you decide on size, the Venture gives you six colour styles to choose from and the Explorist has five. Are these men’s or women’s watches, you may ask? That’s the not the point. it’s about the style and functionality.

Consider the 36 plus exclusive dials to choose from. Are you in need of a classic look and want time only? Or are you pounding the pavement on your daily run and need your heart rate info? This smartwatch could be your everyday field piece or it could be your dress to impress watch. That’s the blend that Fossil has for you with the new Q collection smartwatches. Why do you need a tick-tocking regular watch and a fitness tracker when all you need is one timepiece on your wrist?

But truly, it is the real-world compatibility that makes wearing this watch a dream. Wireless charging is now possible, Google Fit, often used and so very often difficult to sync with other brands of smartwatch is almost indigenous here. And of course, you have the rolling feeds from your social media if and when you choose to immerse yourself in that alternate reality.

These are the tools that Fossil has worked hard to give you, to create a look and style on your wrist that fits in with the rest of your creativity. Innovation and technology has been tempered by fashion and design. So go ahead and gain control of your modern lifestyle with just a swipe of your touchscreen.

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