Fossil Enlists Korean Stars Song Ji Hyo And Ji Chang Wook

Your Fossil Q Gen 3 smartwatch could transport you to meet Song Ji Hyo in Seoul

BY editors | Sep 17, 2017 | Advertorial

Since 1984, American watch and lifestyle brand Fossil has been focusing on authentic designs, expert craftsmanship, and rich storytelling. Offering high-quality products at affordable prices – such as watches, bags, jewellery, eyewear and, most recently, wearables.

This year, Fossil wants you to go back to the beginning with its “Fossil Firsts” campaign: by reliving the memories of your first ever Fossil watch, or by creating a new ones by putting on your first Fossil Q smartwatch. Whichever it may be for you, you’ll be experiencing classic aesthetics fused with innovative features.  

In conjunction with the campaign, Fossil is offering you a chance to fly to Seoul, South Korea, for a three-day-two-night trip to meet Song Ji Hyo, actress and one of the stars of the wildly popular Running Man variety show. To enter this contest, simply purchase a Fossil Q Gen 3 smartwatch (contest runs from 18 September to 8 October 2017; visit Fossil stores for more details, terms and conditions).

Song is working together with Fossil for its “Fossil Firsts” campaign, and she appreciates just how useful the brand’s smartwatches have been to her overall wellbeing. “As an actress, I have an irregular work schedule. Even after taking enough rest, I always feel tired. That’s why I’d like to know how long I’ve slept,” Song says. “Now I keep tab on the number of hours of sleep I get with my Fossil Q Accomplice Hybrid Smartwatch.” Song also prioritises keeping fit, and exercises at home or whenever she has a break while on set. “For a person who has lots of daily movement, activity tracking in my Fossil smartwatch is one of the biggest advantages,” she says. “Just by wearing my watch like I do normally, I can check my activity levels.”

Joining in the campaign is another popular Korean actor, Ji Chang Wook, star of the TV series Suspicious Partners and Healer. You won’t be seeing him without a Fossil Q Explorist Display smartwatch, thanks to its very slim and stylish case that still packs in a wide range of high-tech features. “After I started using my Fossil smartwatch daily, it made my life more efficient,” Ji says. “I believe that nutritious food, regular exercise and sufficient sleep are the three most important things for a healthy life. So I keep track of all three things on a regular basis. So my Fossil smartwatch makes a perfect partner for me.”

As idols from the world-conquering Korean showbiz industry, Song and Ji are always in the limelight – and they’re well aware that they need to maintain appearances. Surprisingly, they themselves admit that they’re quite low maintenance. “I’m quite an active guy, so athletic style fits me the most,” Ji says. “I prefer wearing athletic clothes instead of formal wear.” Song, meanwhile, doesn’t glam it up all the time. “Rather than being too glamorous, I like to dress up in a classic, simple way,” she says. “So I love wearing my Fossil hybrid smartwatch that looks like a classic watch, but is in fact a smartwatch. Also, because of its timeless design, I look more feminine! Haha!”

Time is usually in short supply when you’re shooting movies and TV shows, connecting with your followers on social media, and travelling all over the world to meet your fans. But thanks to their Fossil hybrid smartwatches, Ji and Song are able to balance their schedules a lot more efficiently, and are able to find the time for much needed rest & relaxation. “On weekends, I usually meet my friends, ride motorcycles or go out to eat,” Ji says. “I spend my time with my friends in a very normal way.” Song herself prefers to stay home to cook, read, listen to music or practise with her scripts. But she’s especially grateful for the way her Fossil smartwatch has brought so many benefits to her personal life. “Although I don’t have my smartphone with me, I can play music or check my messages at the touch of a button on my Fossil smartwatch,” she says. “It keeps things simple and helps me to enjoy my time comfortably.”

So if you too want to augment your everyday life in a subtle yet significant wear, get yourself a Fossil Q Explorist Display Smartwatch, available in a stainless steel strap or leather strap. You’ll be the elegant gentleman you’ve always been, but now aided with high-tech features on your wrist.

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