Will Samsung’s S8 redeem that smartphone (and all news Korean)?

It really is quite a beauty.

BY Daniel Goh | Mar 30, 2017 | Opinion

After the whole fiasco with the exploding batteries of Samsung’s Note 7 (you still can’t take it on airplanes), the next phone out of Samsung would have to be something spectacular in order to earn the trust of consumers once again. As to why the phones were exploding in the first place, according to Wired, Samsung says they were caused by battery overheating problems caused by two separate suppliers.

Moving on, Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 might just be the thing it needs to redeem itself. It’s really unlike anything out in the market so far with a screen that spans nearly the entire device.

There’s more screen than phone with the Galaxy S8 as the home and back buttons are now on part of the LED that spans 5.8-inches. And with the absence of bezels, Samsung can offer a large screen size while still keeping the entire device quite snug in your hands (the S8+ may be a different story).

What’s really innovative about the new S8, is the processor – the world’s first 10nm processor. To those who don’t speak geek, this means the phone promises to be faster than ever and it will last longer throughout the day. And with this new processor the phone looks to be able to transform into a portable desktop with the help of Dex.

The Dex looks pretty much like a phone holder, except that when the phone is plugged in, this cool little device will allow you to connect a monitor via a HDMI port and even 2 USB slots for a mouse, keyboard, and flashdrives. Looking at the demo, it looks pretty much like a regular Windows OS, but with Android apps instead, there’s even support for multiple windows. Will it revolutionise the way we work on-the-go, probably not; but it certainly opens up the possibilities.

As of now, there is no Malaysian pricing but it’s listed at GBP 689 on Samsung’s UK site (that’s about RM3800). You can check out the phone here, or pre-order it if you’re, you know, made of money.