Review: Fitbit Charge 2

If you're looking to upgrade your health and fitness level, the Charge 2 is a great companion for you.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Dec 20, 2016 | Opinion

While your Smartphone or smart watch can easily track your heart rate and churn out a simple report on your daily health assessment, sometimes you need a little more than just that to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With the Fitbit Charge 2 and its seamless software, sleek design and simple easy to use functions, it might actually be one of the best fitness bands around now. 

First up, the design of the Charge 2 is sleek and simple. Its low-key cool and doesn't draw too much attention to the wrist. The larger vertical LED display screen (4x larger than its predecessor) allows for the user to see time, steps and heart rate all at once without one having to squint or tap unnecessarily to find out more. To help conserve battery life, the display only turns on when you rotate your wrist to look at it. The bands are also interchangeable, which makes it easier to change from old or torn bands to newer ones, you could even experiment around with different colours or materials if you're bored with the current one. 

The device works with Fitbit's Android or iOS app and is pretty much a straightforward set up as any tracker where one simple creates a profile and select a number of goals which are usually steps, sleep and weight targets. You can easily sync your activity to the app and receive notifications from your connected Smartphone once you pair it over Bluetooth. The Charge 2 can also notify you on caller ID, messages and calendar reminders as well. 

While it’s kind of a bummer that the Charge 2 doesn't have a built in GPS (it uses your phone's GPS), that is a negligible flaw. The device sports a pretty standard all-day and sleeps tracker as well as automatically tracking selected sports and exercises such as cycling and running. The biggest downside however is that it is not waterproof which might deter swimmers from purchasing the Charge 2. 

A nifty feature is that the Charge 2 can detect if you've been sitting around for a set time window and provide a little nudge to get you moving to add more steps into your day. For example, "If I've not taken 250 steps in the past hour, the Charge 2 will vibrate notifying me with a motivational message to go for a walk."

An applaudable feature with the Fitbit is of course their app. A look at its dashboard and you can see an array of information on your day from the amount of sleep you've had to floors climb, steps taken and distance covered. There are even sub-menus for more detailed information. It also features a function to log in your foot and water intake which makes it very useful for those guarding their diet. In terms of battery life, it's a so-so for us. The Charge 2 offers a five day battery life and even though that is an apt lifespan; you might find yourself being offered more lifespan with other devices. 

Overall, it’s a pretty swell fitness band if you're looking for one. Offering more than what a smart phone does with it being in your pocket most of the time, the only gripe we have is that the Charge 2 is not waterproof which makes it a little cumbersome having to remove it while showering as well as not able to track anything while swimming, apart from that, it's definitely a great companion if you're looking to up your health and fitness game.