Everyone's Delighted About This Brilliant iPhone Calculator Hack

A little reminder why Apple is still head of the class.

BY Editors | May 10, 2017 | Opinion

In theory, you can use your iPhone to stream live video from the other end of the world, play beautifully rendered video games or buy anything from lunch to a new country pile in the Cotswolds, but sometimes it is the little things about that little lump of plastic you staring gormlessly into approx 65,000 times a day that really grab you.

We're talking 'hacks' of course - little shortcuts Apple designed without telling us so we can stumble upon them like a fiver left in a pair of jean that instantly brighten up the weary toil of living. Clever Apple.

And clever Twitter user, whoever it first was, you noticed this handy calculator hack and posted it online:

Very much the 'workhorse midfielder' rather than the 'flair striker' of your app rota, the calculator typically only comes out when you're trying to divvy up a complicated restaurant bill because you've all sheepishly decided 'going Dutch' is out of the question, mainly because some cheeky sod ordered the pork bell and an extra bottle of wine and you're fucked if you're paying for that.

Anyway - the hack? Simply that if you enter the wrong number at any point in your calculations, you can swipe left and clear it without resetting the whole sum. Years of indoctrination using those crappy solar-powered calculators at school have taught us that one slip up and it's back to square one, but Apple have accounted for our clumsy fingers and made it all cool.

Your seven-year-old niece probably figured this out instinctively from the get-go, but for the rest of us, this is a gem of a little hack that'll make the next time you're being a tight wad pass as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here's to technology.

From: Esquire UK