Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Is Also Their Iconic Fan, But Better

Whole room purification.

BY editors | May 4, 2018 | News

Think your home is safe from the harmful pollutants of the outdoors? Forget haze, think again. Indoor pollutants from daily objects such as cleaning products, pet dander, disintegrated faeces, scented candles (oh yes it does), indoor paints, cooking fumes and even carbon dust are invincible to the eye but harmful in enclosed spaces. Sucks too when you’re allergic to dust mite.

Now here’s what’s cool. Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans, through its new LCD display, can report pollutants in the home in real time, and then react automatically using a unique Dyson algorithm. A HEPA filter that is installed in the base of a Dyson Pure Cool that can remove 99.95% of ultrafine particles as small as 0.1µ (microns).

The Dyson Pure Cool comes in two models: a large tower format for floor placement, and a small desk format for worktops and floors; and using the Air Multiplier™ technology and new 350⁰ oscillation project, this means you can put it anywhere in the room and it is able purify all corners.  

Besides the magnetised remote control, by using the Dyson Link app (available for both iOS and Android), you get to turn it on and off, monitor your air quality (daily and weekly reports available), check temperature and humidity levels in your room, set up a schedule or even use the night mode (which dims the LED lights and lower the fan speed and noise). Now here’s to less sniffling and wanting to scratch that itch off our faces.

The Dyson Pure Cool purifying fans are available from RM2,399 on, the Dyson Demo at The Gardens Mall, and major departmental and electrical stores. Find out more here.