Apple HomePod Ad Gives You More Floor Space (Maybe)

Apple roped in Spike Jonze to direct an ad for the HomePod. Needless to say, Jonze takes things to a whole. Other. Level.

BY wayne cheong | Mar 7, 2018 | News


Not since Apple's 1984 ad, have we seen anything like this. When Apple got Spike Jonze to direct the ad for the HomePod it must have been well worth the money. Casting FKA Twigs as an office drone brought to life thanks to the suggestion of the Apple HomePod (oh my God, is this the sequel to Her?), Jonze also manages to pull off a visual mindfuck—a room stretches, FKA Twigs' reflection gains sentience, lights dances in synch with Anderson . Paak's  "'Til It's Over"—that will stick with you, at least, long enough for the HomePod to be available in Malaysia.

From: Esquire Singapore