Who Says Sex Is Only A Deadly Sin?

A popular porn site launches its own fitness platform (mildly NSFW).

BY Jason S Ganesan | May 20, 2016 | News


Johnny Sins showed us that porn and fitness aren’t irreconcilable. So it makes perfect sense that adult entertainment giant PornHub wants to straddle both worlds by launching its own revolutionary fitness platform, BangFit.

The free app promises to get you looking like a pornstar—or in their own words, “fit as f**k”—without having to leave the bedroom.

Initially, the ‘80s look and feel of the app looks like it’s played for yuks, but the amazing Italo disco soundtrack does support the theory that synth music could probably up your bench by about 20 percent.

To use BangFit, you have to first sync your phone to your computer, then strap it to your waist with a band. Your movements are recorded using your phone’s motion sensors, with points awarded based on how well you mimic the actions of the characters onscreen. The better you perform, the more calories you burn.

No workout partner? No worries! Besides the two and three player varieties, you can also choose to go solo, with real pornstars providing onscreen motivation. In a gym, obviously.

As PornHub vice-president Corey Price says, “Think of it as the Wii Fit for sex.”

BangFit is still in beta mode, and will to cater to more sexual orientations when the app is launched in full. You can watch the video below for instructions (mild NSFW).