Turns Out, Rice Isn't The Only Way To Save A Water-Damaged IPhone

Put the pilau down, right this second.

BY Nick Pope | Jul 7, 2016 | News


​If you've ever knocked a glass water over a pricey laptop, or dropped your spanking new iPhone into a basin of bog water, then you know the drill.

Abject panic, followed by desperate blowing and Google-ing, and then, finally, a breakneck race to the supermarket to pick up a car-crushing bag of salvational rice.

Turns out, however, that there's another solution to the all-too-familiar tech problem—and it might be right under your (cat's) nose.

Phone company Gazelle ran some tests, and found that using cat litter is actually way more effective at saving water-damaged tech.

They recommend trying to shake all of the water out of drowning phones first, leaving it to air-dry before placing it in a ziplock bag of crystal kitty litter for as long as possible.

And by that, they mean days. 48 hours is apparently the cut off point, where you'll have to start planning a life without your trusty mobile.