Tinder's New Feature Should Be The End Of Tinder

The 'feed' will document everything you do.

BY Olivia Ovenden | Mar 20, 2018 | News

"Wondering whatever happened to Carlos, that cool guy you matched with last June?" reads the press release for Tinder's newly-rolled out Feed feature.

"A lot, according to new photos. He sailed the Greek islands. He won a half marathon. He finally perfected his chocolate soufflé. And based on his new Anthem, he seems to be loving 90s throwbacks. Maybe you have met your match?"

Yes, the Carlos you'd just managed to scrub off your Facebook after endless snaps of KOS '17 and fist-pumping emoji captioned shots of the Hackney Half is now all over your Tinder account too.

The dating app has announced it's rolling out the Feed feature, which was trialled in December for users in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Feed "brings your matches to life by delivering a visual and interactive experience that helps you spark conversation with the people you want to meet most."

Basically every tragic like under your ex's photo, every ignored tweet to a celebrity and every Ed Sheeran session at your desk that used to be private are now going to be logged on Tinder.

Users have reacted to the new feature by questioning whether Tinder have lost their f**king minds.






Source: Esquire UK