Samsung's Galaxy S10 is The Phone of The Future

It's designed not to stand out but to stand apart.

BY JUERN NG | Mar 11, 2019 | News

For the 10th anniversary of the iconic Samsung Galaxy S series, Samsung has recently revealed its new instalment - the Galaxy S10 line which features the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e. While Yuri Gagarin may have been the first man to travel into space, Samsung has now taken over the title to be the first smartphone brand to be launched into the earth’s stratosphere to celebrate the commemoration. Launching on 80,000 ft above ground, the Galaxy S10 is said to have taken a bird’s eye shot of the earth which is brighter and more dynamic than any video taken on a smartphone (we’ll get to its epic camera features in a while). This Galaxy has seen the galaxy.

The Galaxy S10 line has made some impressive changes to its devices. With the new Dynamic AMOLED display, the HDR10+ certified smartphone delivers vivid digital content and displays exceptionally accurate colours. What’s more, an in-display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner has been installed which only reads the 3D contours of your physical thumbprint.

Samsung has also built the new Galaxy line with new camera technology, offering an ultra-wide lens with a 123-degree field of view which captures the exact scene from a human eye perspective. Its ultra-wide lens is ideal for capturing remarkable landscape shots and big panoramas. And even better is its digital stabilization technology which produces steady recordings whether you’re shooting on a bumpy road or due to shaky hands.

Its new Wireless PowerShare feature, the Galaxy S10 is able to charge itself and a second device simultaneously with only one charger making it easy for travelling. Instead of struggling with phone storage (we’ve all been through this), the Galaxy S10 solves the issue by providing you with its largest storage capacity available. Besides, it also comes with AI-based on-device gaming performance optimization software and a vapour chamber cooling system to cater to fellow gamers as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 line is available in Prism White, Prism Black and Prism Green. In addition, the Galaxy S10+ also comes in two extra colours: Ceramic White and Ceramic Black. It’s high time for a new phone, don’t you think?

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