The Long-Awaited Release Date For Nintendo's New Mobile Game 'Super Mario Run' Is Here

Nintendo's follow-up to Pokemon GO.

BY Nick Pope | Nov 17, 2016 | News

After the runaway success of Pokemon GO, Nintendo was always going to take another dive into the lucrative mobile market. After all, if an Apple Maps clone with a bunch of Pidgeys thrown in can become a worldwide phenomenon, then imagine what a good game can do?

And now, the Japanese gaming giants have announced the release date for their long-awaited follow-up app—a Mario platformer, called Super Mario Run.

It's set for the iOS App Store on December 15 , and will be free to download—that is, until you want to unlock the full game, which comes at a price of GBP7.99.

It's part of the endless runner genre of mobile games, in the same vain as Temple Run. Check out the trailer below:


From: Esquire UK