Microsoft HoloLens Paves Way For Revolutionary Digital Communication

Time to communicate with your friends and loved ones like how the characters in Star Wars do.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Mar 28, 2016 | News

Get ready for a new age of digital communcation as Microsoft makes their revolutionary HoloLens device available now for the public. With virtual reality systems making waves over the past year or so, Microsoft's I3D research group has dropped a new video which showcases their newest innovation, "Holoportation", a technology that utilises the HoloLens device to allow for real-time transmition of a near realistic virtual repliace of a human being. 

With images, sounds and movements being captured from 3D cameras and stitched together, one can virtually teleport from one space to another in real time. Apart from that, one not only can communicate via hologram in real time, one can also record the interaction for playback and even shrink it down to a table. All we have to say is, Star Wars anyone?

Whilst the setup for this seems messy and would probably require high computing power, it's really a glimpse into what kind of digital interaction we might have with each other in the coming years. Hit up this link for more information.