Hermes and Leica Collaboration Results In Binoculars Worth USD10K

You're not a baller until you own a pair of this Hermes x Leica Ultravid HD-PLUS binoculars.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Mar 23, 2016 | News


When you're living the baller life, chilling in your 10-acre estate with a silk robe and velvet slippers on, the things you own and the life you lead is all about the details. Normal shit ain't going to cut it. At this level of opulance, one does not simply just drink champagne out of a simple glass, a man of said stature demands his liquids to be ingested via a golden goblet encrusted with rubies and diamonds. 

Consequently, one does not simply wince to make out which one of his/her royally ballin' acquitances are entering the gates of his/her mansion, one uses binoculars. But not just any binoculars. Specifically, this Hermes and Leica collaboration binoculars. 

Exceptionally known for their camera and lenses, Leica also excels in the field of sport optics and to celebrate their 111th anniversary in this field, the German brand has gone fully turbo on their Ultravid HD-PLUS "Edition Hermes" binoculars that goes for USD10,100 a pair. 

With two editions available, the amount is very limited as there are only 56 pairs of the Ultravid 8 x 32 HD-PLUS variant and another 55 of the Ultravid 10 x32 HD-PLUS variant. 

Both are designed to look sleek and luxurious with black anodised housing wrapped in Hermes's premium calfskin leather as well as a matching leather wrist strap, a canvas and leather holding bag. Drabbed in vintage style eyecups, it gives users the most natural of colour rendition and high spectrum of contrast mixed with traditional style and handling. 

The binoculars are available worldwide in selected stores, but you can also get them here.