Climber Scales Building Using Vacuum Cleaners

Sierra Blair-Coyle climbs building using suction cups attached to vacuum cleaners.

BY Jason S Ganesan | Jun 6, 2016 | News


Professional climber Sierra Blair-Coyle successfully scaled a 140m-tall building in Korea using nothing but suction cups attached to cordless vacuum cleaners (and safety lines, obviously, but still).

The stunt was part of an LG Korea campaign to promote their Code Zero K94SGN vacuum cleaners. So instead of mundane shots of dustbusting upholstery, they decided to hire Blair-Coyle to climb the glassy façade of a building using their vacuum cleaners.

And she actually agreed.

Blair-Coyle strapped two battery-powered cordless vacuum cleaners on her back, which were each routed to a suction cup in each hand. With her own bodyweight and the gear, the vacuums managed to haul up 70kg of awesome up the building.

Watch the video below to see Blair-Coyle’s monumental climb.

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