Apple Introduces The iPhone 7

Featuring a new camera system and wireless earbuds (kinda) as well as being water and dust resistant.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Sep 8, 2016 | News

Claimed to be the most advanced iPhone ever (as always), the iPhone 7 dropped earlier today with a variety of features such as a new camera system, immersive stereo speakers, two finishes, enhanced battery life and being water and dust resistant. 

To start off, the new camera system will see a 12-megapixal camera with optical image stabilisation and a larger aperture along with a six-elements lens for brighter, more detailed photos and videos. But for the iPhone 7 Plus however, it levels up by adding another 12-megapixel telephoto camera next to the first one which offers twice the optical zoom and ten times the digital zoom for photos, it'll also be updated later this year with a new depth-of-field effect that uses Machine Learning to separate the background fro the foreground for that DSLR quality imagery every Insta-blogger needs. Speaking of that, the front camera now features a new 7-megapixel HD camera with wide colour capture, advanced pixel technology and auto image stabilisation as well. 

But perhaps the most debated feature yet is Apple dumping the headphone jack in favour of the Lightnight Earpod and wireless AirPods. To avoid confusion, the Lightnight Earpods will be included in the new iPhone models which is basically an updated version of the existing EarPods that can only connect via iPhone's Lightning port. 

The AirPods however is technically an entirely different story. Due to release in October, the Apple AirPods (not included in your phone) is a water resistant wireless version of the standard EarPods that sees it sporting a custom designed Apple W1 chip allowing you to connect to the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac of choice via a Bluetooth-like technology. It utilises optical sensors and a motion accelerometre to detect when they're in your ears thus playing audio automatically. 

Other features for the phone include a new custom designed Apple A10 Fusion chip which powers the updated graphics engine (3x more faster than the iPhone 6), new top and bottom stereo speakers, an updated Retina HD display (for a supposedly cinema standard colour scheme) and two hours longer battery life compared to the iPhone 6. The water and dust resistant feature as a result of its singular shaped design is definitely a very welcoming feature as well. Still the best looking phone out there, the iPhone 7 will be coming in silver, gold, rose gold and two types of black, black and a glossier jet black (Rick O would be proud). 

While not exactly a game changer of sorts, its definitely a major upgrade from the iPhone 6 models and will definitely drive Apple and Android fans nuts (both in a good and bad way). 

Scheduled to release in the US on September 16, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in 32GB (USD649), 128GB (USD749) and 256GB (USD849) models, and the new jet black finish will only be offered exclusively on the 128GB and 256GB models.