Apple Might Ban You From Using Your IPhone Camera At Concerts

Won't somebody think of the Instagram feeds?

BY Nick Pope | Jul 1, 2016 | News


​It's a common sight at gigs nowadays: revelers watching the entire show through the conduit of their lofted, recording iPhone screens. Performers hate it, tiptoeing crowds hate it and, perhaps most surprisingly, Apple hates it too.

So much so, that they've filed a patent for an infrared system that will prevent music-goers from committing the frustrating faux pas altogether.

Submitted back in 2011, the patent's title is a bit of mouthful: "Systems and methods for receiving infrared data with a camera designed to detect images based on visible light"

If the party-pooping plans were to go through, a venue could install infrared transmitters that send out a warning signal to iPhones, preventing them from using camera options in the building.

It's not just music venues that will be celebrating the news—cinemas will benefit hugely, too. The tech will help theatres clamp down on bootleggers who film new releases on their smart phones and illegally share it around the web.

A nice idea, but this will no doubt incite full-scale riots across the country. Because for all their expertise and innovation, Apple has ignored the most important decree of millennial law: never mess with a man and his Snapchat story.


From: Esquire UK