A Gold Nintendo For Your Luxed Out Lifestyle

The best old-school gaming experience, through a 24-karat gold Nintendo NES.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Apr 13, 2016 | News

Analogue Nt

The luxe life requires an outrageous amount of ridiculously opulent objects to exist in your home. One of them, no matter your age, would be a Nintendo Entertainment System, or NESmade out of gold.

Yes, gold.

Having previously crafted one from aluminium, Analogue Nt has made one from 24-karat gold in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. The gaming system custom made by Analogue puts out high quality analogue video and audio signals, each processed from the original Nintendo CPU and PPU. 

This means that the system features exactly the same hardware that the original Zelda game was made for. Retailing at USD4,999 and with only ten units available, you had better be quick about this