Here's A Handy Device That Turns Your iPhone Into A DSLR Camera

This add-on iPhone device from Pictar offers capabilities akin to a DSLR camera.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Apr 27, 2016 | News


Smartphones have truly revolutionised the way we use a phone. Ask anyone and one of the first features that one would consider when it comes to getting a smartphone is its camera. While it's nowhere near as good as a DSLR, the smartphone cameras we have nowadays passes well as a normal functioning camera. As smartphone makers continue to improve their cameras, professional photographers or those that want higher quality photos would still rely on a seperate camera. But with the new PICTAR camera grip turns your smartphone into a device that's pretty darn close to a DSLR. Offering many external buttons for controlling your camera functions while providing a well-designed grip for proper one-handed photography, the PICTAR device is an add-on feature for your smartphone to unlock its full photography potential.

It comes with a multi state shutter release that is electronically calibrated to provide maximum sensitivity. Its shutter button offers a "half press" mode to lock focus and exposure for easy tracking of a moving object or create desired composition. The zoom ring gives you an easy way to zoom into a subject rather than the awkward pinch-and-zoom way one would be accustommed to. The zoom ring can also be re-programmed by the users to suit specific needs, such as flash, white balance and others. While we don't encourage the act of selfie-ing, the PICTAR device comes with an added selfie button so you can properly take a "selfie" shot without and your thumb or whatnot making a cameo appearance in your photo. Lighting is a serious factor into what makes a photo good and due to the simplicity of a normal smartphone's camera function, one usually finds it difficult to adjust lighting and exposure to the appropriate setting of the photo one wishes to take. With an exposure compensation wheel, you can control your lighting and exposure, making for clear and balanced photos. 

The other functions offered by PICTAR includes a programmable smart feel for you to put different camera settings into your smartphone, a virtual wheel for other functions such as Flash, Shutter speed and ISO settings, wrist and neck straps as well as a tripod and flash connector. 

While PICTAR is currently only focused on only iOS compatible devices, we're hoping that an Android-friendly one is in the works! Head over to their Kickstarter for more information!