Most Wanted: The New Sony Bravia

Sony's new line of high-def images emphasises sleek design and exceptional picture quality.

BY Sim Wie Boon | Apr 20, 2016 | Feature

Sony Bravia

Born from a contemporary design concept that complements the home, the new line of Sony's Bravia 2016 Collection of 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) TVs features an exceptional design theme and functions that will probably get you to forsake your friends, family and job as you just sit, plopped on your couch watching TV.

In coming up with the concept for the new line, Sony's art and design team looked at the typical elements of a living room and realised there are many flat objects like picture frames and books. Using that as the underlying theme of Bravia's 2016 line, they "named" their inspiration, "Slice of Living", and the sleeknes of the TV maintains aesthetic harmony of one's living room space. 

But of course, design alone doesn't just make the new Bravia line an impressive TV. Through the use of 4K HDR and its patented Slim Backlight Drive technology, picture detail, colour clarity and light balance are as real to the eyes as it can ever be. 

Paired together with Android TV, anything from movies, television shows and games are at the tips of the users hands. Syncing with Android or IOS devices are done easily allowing for a functional and fully immersive experience. 

The Sony Bravia 4K HDR Line will be available in stores soon.