Advice On How To Buy Record Players From KL's Vinyl-philes

KL's record pros agree on one key thing: when it comes to vinyl, start with a quality player.

BY Sim Wie Boon | May 25, 2016 | Feature


Men have a tendency to collect things. Be it football cards, sneakers, empty whiskey bottles or vinyl records, we will keep a whole bunch of it. But vinyls have something extra special.

Enthusiasts agree that listening to your favourite track of a vinyl record is like hearing the band perform in the room itself. The organic and flavourful sounds that resonate in your ears through a vinyl record is second to none. However, before you can begin to start your record collection, one should start with a decent record player.

When you've got a proper turntable, hook it up to a decent speaker or headphones to fully enjoy your records. Judging from the suggested turntables, the price range is usually upwards of RM1,000 and above, which is a pretty good figure when you think about it, seeing as you'll be investing in a life long hobby. According to one of our guys, whatever you do, buying one of those hip looking machines ain't the way to go. "You'll be so disappointed afterwards."

To get you started on listening to vinyls, we asked some of our friendsDJs, a store owner and a vinyl fanfor some tips and recommendations:



"If you need a turntable to start listening to your records, you might as well pick something that can harness the superior sonic quality of vinyl. The many variations of Pro-Ject Debut and Rega RP1 are two solid recommendations. You can also look at a used Technics SL-1210, these are built like tanks and are very robust, great for a first time user. Make sure that you have a decent needle fitted in your first turntable, try an Audio Technica AT95 or a Shure M35X, these are inexpensive but good value for money." Xes Xes Loveseat, part-time DJ.

"Denon dp 300-F, its affordable and easy to use. There's Rega RP-1 or Pro-Ject essential II which are good too." Alex ASquared, DJ.

"A Pro-Ject Essential II or Rega RP1 good turntable for starters. The thing about turntables is that you should not get it too cheap. Especially those with that built in speaker type.It might spoil the records. Get a proper one... then get full vinyl ability... or else you might be better off just sticking to CDs." Radzi Jasni, owner of Teenage Head Records.


"Audio Technica LP-AT60, its affordable and fully automatic making it easy to listen to even before you go to sleep. Since it's automatic, it stops when the record finishes playing." Irman Hilmi, collector and editor for