Todís Band Interprets The Leo Clamp Collection

No oneís going to burst into song. But these 12 personalities reflect Tod's jet-setting lifestyle.

BY Janie Cai | Mar 22, 2016 | News

Forget soppy lyrics and under-aged crooners, this particular band comprises of twelve strong personalities, handpicked by Tod's specifically because they personify the savoir vivre of today. This “virtual club” of international men share a jet-setting, full-on lifestyle in which they play by their own rules. What unites them, aside from an enviable dose of talent for their individual pursuits, is a shared love for quality and style. These men value the details which differentiates the ’good’ from ‘great’ and it shows.

So just who are these guys? Tod’s has picked luminaries such as French interior designer Hugo Sauzay, top Chinese model Fei Wang, English actor Max Minghella and American British Royal Ballet Soloist Eric Underwood, amongst others to front their latest campiagn. A group of men to whom style and substance are present in equal measure.

See them in action in the short video by Tod’s (we promise it isn’t an MTV), where the lads model the latest Leo Clamp slip-on loafers—the latest interpretation of the classic Tod’s gommino. I mean, if you’re going to take on the world, you’ll need a good pair of shoes to get you moving.

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