Timberlake X Stella

He'll be wearing Stella McCartney for his Super Bowl performance. Will Janet appear?

BY Jason Tan | Feb 3, 2018 | News

Wardrobe Malfunction. Stella's help can't come soon enough.

Despite, or because of what he did to expose one half of Janet Jackson’s mammaries, live, on the same occasion, all those years ago, Justin Timberlake returns on Sunday, Feb 4, for his half-time performance at the 52nd Super Bowl in Minneapolis, USA, wearing a custom Stella McCartney. The inspiration? Timberlake’s just-released ‘Man of the Woods’ album…  The Super Bowl, as any fule kno, is one of the world’s biggest annually televised events, with an average viewership of over 111 million. (Americans. In fashion, at least, the US-UK ‘special relationship’ is in rude health despite The Donald being told off by Theresa May for retweeting terrorist fodder.)

If you can imagine it, Timberlake’s look comprises “an alter nappa fringed jacket with an organic cotton shirt featuring a landscape artwork by British artist Martin Ridley. Also part of the custom look is a Prince of Wales check and camouflage splatter print trousers made from repurposed wool fabric and a matching tailored single breasted jacket.”

Splatter? Repurposed? That sounds super hipster. Who the heck is Stella McCartney? Like, Paul's daughter. Mum Linda brought her up vegetarian, which she observes to this day. She uses no leather or fur in her designs and the company takes responsibility for the resources it consumes for its business, “from design to store practices and product manufacturing”. Very Veganuary and a là mode, and why not. Here's how she sees us wearing her clothes: easy, with a natural confidence boosted by sharp tailoring,

The Super Bowl kicks off starts at 6:30pm EST on NBC. That's Monday, Feb 5 ZZZ time, here.