Inside The Mind Of Issey Miyake

An exhibition of the legendary fashion designer in Tokyo sheds light on his creative approach.

BY IAN LOH | Apr 7, 2016 | News

Issey Miyake / Tatoo, Spring Summer 1971

If you're heading to Tokyo anytime soon, this exhibition is one you should not miss. We spent some time at the exhibit recently and were completely blown away by all the technicality features and of course, by the clothes. 

Focusing on the entirety of Issey Miyake's 45-year career starting in the '70s, this exhibition sheds light on Miyake’s ideas about making things and his approach to design from his earliest work to his latest projects, and his exploration of creative possibilities in the future.

Blade of Grass Pleats, Spring Summer 1990

One of the highlights is perhaps the tradition and latest technology work by the cutting-edge designer. While making the most of traditional techniques and craftsmanship in his clothing designs, Miyake has continually strived to develop new materials and methods. These attempts led to epochal designs unlike conventional approaches to making clothes, such as PLEATS PLEASE and A-POC, adding another level of brilliance to people’s daily lives. There’s even a showcase of the production process Miyake uses to make his pleated products.

Flying Saucer, Spring Summer 1994, No.10 Skirt

It goes beyond just clothes and design to present a comprehensive overview of the Issey Miyake oeuvre with so much depth and detail, showcasing how ever-evolving the designer is. Take our word for it.

MIYAKE ISSEY EXHIBITION: The work of Miyake Issey runs till June 13, 2016 at the National Art Center, Tokyo. The Center. More information at