Andre Amir On His Guilty Pleasure

On self expression, making decisions and his guilty pleasure.

BY Editors | Sep 30, 2016 | News


Having always been fascinated by menswear, Andre Amir is now one of the most influential menswear blogger within Malaysia’s fashion scene. A brand consultant by day, Andre's passion lies in the clothes he wears, sees and experience. Fueled by the desire to help others dress better, Andre showcases his sartorial choices daily on his Instagram to his many followers. We talk to Andre about his passion for fashion, past decisions and his guilty pleasure. 

ESQUIRE: Do you think that passion can drive a person crazy?
Yeah, some people can go crazy with passion. For example, some people can feel so passionate about fashion; they may go little overboard at times. I’m passionate about fashion but I think I learned how to control that.

ESQ: Is self expression important?
It is very important, especially for people like me. I’m actually very introverted and I don’t really know how to show my emotion. So it is important to me because in fashion, you need to show who you are and not be somebody else.

ESQ: What is your guilty pleasure?
I like it when people think that I’m younger than they are even though I am not. I’m 36 but people still think I’m young and refer themselves to abang or kakak around me. I also love Pretty Little Liars and One Direction.

ESQ: Why do you love what you do?
I work with an advertising agency and a few years ago I started to dress up a little bit more. I was quite young and I wanted people to take me seriously at work, especially when I’m out meeting my clients. So, I told myself I needed to dress up a little bit better. I started getting into menswear and I fell in love with it and became very passionate about it.

ESQ: Living to other people’s expectation, thoughts?
Well the thing is everybody has somebody that they look up to. I think people idolise people. I myself have someone I idolise and I’d always want to have his or her blessing or acknowledgement. I think that’s okay because it makes you better.

ESQ: Do you think that a lot of people tend to judge things on the outside? Is that a good or bad thing?
It’s a little bit of both. For instance, what you wear is an impression. When you dress better, people will have a better impression on you. That’s a good thing. But it is also a bad thing because people then expect you to do that all the time. It becomes tough especially when you want to dress down and be a little bit more relaxed.

ESQ: Are you more of a plan for the future kind of guy or live in the moment kind of guy?
I live in the moment. I hate having disappointments. If you plan for something, you start expecting things, and when it doesn’t happen, it frustrates me a lot so I tend to live by the moment a lot.

ESQ: What are the most important things in life that people tend to overlook?
AA: I think people don’t think about their future much and where they’re heading. Many don’t think that what you might be doing now may hurt your future. But then again if you’re too scared to do something, you might miss the opportunity.

ESQ: What’s the one thing that in life that don’t regret doing?
AA: I had a chance to work in New Zealand right after college but I decided not to go because I was too afraid. But you just move on in life and here I am now. For me, whatever you’ve done in the past leads you to become who you are right now.