Alia Bastamam On Her Guilty Pleasure

The former architecture student turned designer talks about passion, expectations and her guilty pleasure.

BY Editors | Sep 8, 2016 | News

Known for her illustrious and timeless designs which have spawned four lines—the main line focusing on luxury ready-to-wear, Alia Bastamam, a custom bridal designed line, Alia Bastamam Bridal, a made-to-measure line, Alia Bastamam Atelier and a secondary line focusing on accessible ready-to-wear, Alia B—Alia Bastamam has built her own fashion empire to become a staple amongst the Malaysian fashion scene. We spend a few moments with this beautiful and eloquent designer to get to know what drives her passion and keeps her moving forward. 

ESQUIRE: Do you think a passion for something can drive us crazy sometimes?
ALIA BASTAMAM: If it doesn't drive you crazy, it's not passion. 

ESQ: Is self expression important?
AB: I think self expression makes you stand out from the rest. Yes it is important.

ESQ: Why do you love what you’re doing?
AB: Being in my studio, creating what I like, making women look good. It's the only place I can be myself, that's why I love what I do.

ESQ: People that try to live up to other’s expectation, what do you think of that?
AB: I've never been one to always try to live up to expectations. I always believe in doing the best you can and be the best you can be.

ESQ: What’s your guilty pleasure?
AB: Sweets, chocolate and kisses. 

ESQ: Do you think that these days, a lot of people tend to judge things by the cover?
AB: I'm not one to say, in the fashion industry everything is judged by the cover and how it's presented. 

ESQ: Are you a plan for the future kind of person or live in the moment kind of person?
AB: It's all about balance, there are times when I'm spontaneous and doing things on impulse and then planning comes to the bigger things I wanna do in the future like setting goals and what I want to achieve.

ESQ: What are the important things in life that you think people tend to overlook?
AB: Love and family. 

ESQ: What’s the one thing that would surprise other people about you?
AB: Listening to alternative metal clears my head.