Hackett And Williams Racing Create The "70MPH Skater"

What would it be like to skateboard around a race circuit at 70MpH, in a suit? Hackett and Williams Racing lets you find out.

BY Sarah Chong | Mar 28, 2016 | News

Video: Hackett London

Swapping cars for skateboards, Hackett celebrates its second year partnership as the Official Clothing Supplier to Williams Racing by creating a viral video called "The 70MpH Skater" featuring longboard downhill supremo Liam Morgan at the famous Paul Ricard race circuit near Marseille.

Inspired by a proud record of Williams Racing 114 Grand Prix victories, these special limited edition suits created are constructed using ultra performing lightweight wool, water resistant cloth for unexpected downpours, and natural stretch for skitching at speeds of up to 70MpH. Each suit also incorporates a special lining of a technical drawing of the Williams racing car and a bespoke label in each suit proudly announcing the country and year of a particular Williams Grand Prix win, making it doubly unique. Won’t it be exciting to see Massa or Bottas rock these suits–on a skateboard–down the track?

The limited edition Hackett Williams Racing suit will be available to purchase from April 6, 2016 in selected global Hackett stores and online.