What The Hell is Going On With Mel Gibson's Beard?

An investigation.

BY Jonathan Evans | Nov 3, 2016 | Grooming


Looking at recent photo of Mel Gibson, one might be forgiven for asking the all-but-inevitable question: "Just what the hell is going on with that beard?" I, having just perused at a few recent shots of the once-disgracd and now-sorta-less-disgraced actor/director, asked myself the same question. And I think I have the answer.

Mel Gibson's beard is not a beard at all, but a sentient parasitic being intent on transforming him into a garden gnome. Has it succeeded? Let's investigate.


On the left of this image, we have Mel Gibson. On the right, beloved children's character David the Gnome. Don't beat yourself up if you were initially unable to distinguish the two. That's what Mel's beard is going for.

So, this looks pretty damning. The transformation may just be complete, and Mel might be doomed to gnome-hood for the rest of his days. Only one way to really tell:


Yup. He's a gnome.

Seriously, though, don't grow a beard like this. (Unless you really like sitting around gardens and lawns all day. In which case, maybe go for it.) If you're looking for inspiration, here's something to get you started.


From: Esquire US