Expect Masculinity And An Invigorating Freshness From Hugo BOSS Bottled Tonic

A masculine scent is not always musky.

BY sarah chong | Jun 14, 2017 | Grooming

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss’ latest take on its classic Boss Bottled is a fresh one, but not one to lose its signature masculine scent. They’ve chosen an ambassador perfectly for this one. Scotsman Gerard Butler (very well known for his lead role in 300) has a strong, masculine, ready to kill face, but in reality, is a real funny guy (trust us, just google “Gerard Butler funny” and an example below). And that’s what Hugo Boss’ remix scent is all about: Masculine, yet fun and fresh i.e. always smelling good.


Opening soon: Gerry's Deli. Just kidding. 😄 I loved these bagels from Goldberg's in Atlanta!

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With top notes of zesty grapefruit, bitter orange and a lemon-apple blend, it starts with a boost of freshness. Then, adding ginger with clove, geranium and cinnamon for a sharp blend, only to end it with the base notes of the noble hint of vetiver. We’d suggest this as an everyday scent. Start once in the morning and if you need an extra boost in the afternoon, hit that spritz to refresh.

Hugo BOSS Bottled Tonic is available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml.