Hatta Dolmat Releases Two New Fragrances, Beetle And Petals

An aesthetic extension of the Malaysian designer’s brand.

BY sarah chong | Nov 18, 2016 | Grooming

From its packaging to its smell, you’ll find that local designer Hatta Dolmat proves that he can do more than just design shirts and dresses. Bringing you his first fragrances, one for men and another for women, the Beetle Pour Homme and Petals Eau de Parfums finds inspiration from Hatta fashion line and Malaysian personalities.

You’ll notice that the Beetle Pour Homme is very rich. Perfect for date night, of exotic leather, incense and earthly allures of tonka bean, cedar and sandalwood bottled with fresh top notes of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit, it all merges into this bold concoction that is  intoxicating yet light.

The Petals Eau de Parfums on the other hand is fresh without being too sweet. Top sparkling notes of pomegranate, peach and yuzu, together with floral notes (peony, magnolia, jasmine and honeysuckle) and slight seductive trace of vanilla, amber, patchouli and musk to leave a lasting impression.

Hatta Dolmat says “I was just happy to have found another outlet to let my creative juices flow. My idea was to tell the world that how you smell is part of your glorious outfit, regardless the occasion. I am blessed to have found partners that understood just that”

Bettle Pour Homme and Petals Eau de Parfum, RM65 each.