Dunhill’s Icon Collection Caters To Men Of All Persuasions

Which icon are you?

BY editors | Mar 30, 2018 | Grooming

Dunhill might have been a little quiet on the fashion side of late, but its fragrances certainly have taken centre stage. Created by Carlos Benaim, the Icon has snatched up a couple of accolades since its launch in 2015. With a burst of crisp freshness with notes of lavender and petitgrain and a leathery dry-down that features oud and iris, it’s a favourite among confident lads. Its counterpart, Icon Absolute—in a gold bottle no less—is a masculine version with woody, peppery notes. The latest iteration to join the ranks is Icon Elite, created by Jean-Claude Delville and Benoist Lapouza, which is for the adventurous. Dominated by an ebony scent with notes of juniper and Sicilian Bigarade, its bottle is so beautiful you’ll want to keep it on your dresser forever. So, the real question is: which icon are you?