Clinique For Men Goes #BehindTheFace With Daniel Dae Kim

The Hawaii Five-O star says taking care of your skin actually does matter.

BY sarah chong | Dec 15, 2016 | Grooming

Clinique For Men recently launched their global campaign #BehindTheFace in search of men not only with great skin but with ‘real’ stories to tell. And Daniel Dae Kim, the Hawaii Five-0 actor and former Lost star sure has a good story to tell.

Daniel grew up in a small Pennsylvania town, as the son of two Koreans who moved to America with only $200. His father was a doctor and he did come close to becoming a lawyer too. But after taking an acting class as an elective in college, he knew that was what he wanted to pursue. It wasn’t a smooth ride growing up, choosing this path.  And he did receive a fair share of racial slurs, as one of the very few Asians in the town. Going through and fighting the tough times, Daniel now adds ‘producer’ and ‘broadway star’ into his resume. Working to expand perceptions of Asian-Americans and working towards transcending historical barriers of race and stereotype, Daniel says, “I would say the notion that we can all live harmoniously. There's a lot more to connect us than divide us. I'd love to be able to look back at in fifty years and say, “Can you believe people were acting like that? Can you believe people were scared of each other because some people wear headwear or had ink on their skin?” I think all of those experiences as a minority in the country shaped me so deeply that I always look to find ways that we can all live together and be inclusive in a society.”

The 48-year old star has a beauty regime (and he’s not ashamed of it), all thanks to his wife. “It's everything. I came into taking care of myself very inadvertently through my wife. I was in my twenties when I started realizing that what you do to take care of yourself and your skin actually does matter. Honestly, I have used that Clinique soap and clarifying lotion for decades. All because my wife said trust me, you'll be grateful later. I am grateful, because as I get older, I see how my friends are aging, and I see the damage that the sun can do, especially living in Hawaii. I like Clinique because it doesn't have heavy fragrance, and it doesn't look like I'm using perfume-y, female stuff, and it works.”

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